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How to Extend the Range on Your Golf Cart or Buggy

Posted by Will Wilkerson on Apr 1st 2020

Never worry again about getting stranded on your golf cart or buggy just because the power runs out. Instead, extend your range dramatically with an Enervolt Solar Power Solution kit.You’ll be able to track energy usage with an app on your smart phone, to know when you are running low on battery power. What then? Continue recharging from your solar panel. At day’s end, if you want to fully charge by plugging in, you’ll discover that it onl...
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How to Install Solar Panels on Your Winnebago

Posted by Will Wilkinson on Mar 19th 2020

How to Install Solar Panels on Your WinnebagoGood news for RV’ers. Not only has solar has become much more cost effective - because RV'ers are often traveling to sunny locations where solar is most effective - but because it’s easier than it’s ever been to go solar. Yes, prices have come down and technology has improved radically, but going solar is now simpler than ever. In fact, there are just three basic steps: the plan, the gear (panels,...
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​RV solar panels: An effective off-grid solution.

Posted by Will Wilkerson on Mar 11th 2020

Finally, solar power makes sense for RV’s. In this article, learn why the ENERVOLT RV Kit is thebest solution for your off-grid needs.What’s in the Enervolt System and why is it better?There are three standard components in any conventional solar system: the power supply (solar panels), energy storage (batteries), and charge controller (interfacing between the two).The ENERVOLT system comes with easily installed solar panels pre-wired to ENER...
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What is a Watt in reference to Solar Panels and Calculating what you need in your solar system?

Mar 11th 2020

When you are talking about electricity coming from solar panels the terminology for a watt and watt hours are thrown around frequently. A watt is explained below as a formula for energy transferred per second, while a watt hour is the accumulation of power over a period of time. If you have a 100W light bulb that runs for one hour it will consume 100Wh.What is a WATT?A watt is abbreviated as W and is “the work done at the rate of one joule p...
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What is the relationship between AMPS and WATTS?

Feb 22nd 2020

In the previous blog we went over what a watt was and how to calculate what you need in watts for your solar system. Amps have a similar part to play in the equation, but AMPs are the output that you measure a device needing. Unlike your lightbulb that will already tell you how many watts you need your devices like your cell phone and refrigerator have to be calculated. You have to take the equation from the last blog Watts = Volts (V) x Am...
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