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How to Extend the Range on Your Golf Cart or Buggy

Aug 01,2020 | Will Wilkerson

Never worry again about getting stranded on your golf cart or buggy just because the power runs out. Instead, extend your range dramatically with an Enervolt Solar Power Solution kit.

You’ll be able to track energy usage with an app on your smart phone, to know when you are running low on battery power. What then? Continue recharging from your solar panel. At day’s end, if you want to fully charge by plugging in, you’ll discover that it only takes minutes.

Lead acid batteries take hours to recharge. With Enervolt’s new graphene battery, that long wait is over. And this battery will last you a lifetime, since it’s rated at 80,000 charges, compared to 300-500 for lead acid and 1,000 – 2,000 for lithium ion batteries.

With the Enervolt Solar Power Solution Kit you get four powerful features:

-Solar power, through a flexible panel easy to install on the roof.

-The Nexus Charge Optimizer, developed in the Enervolt lab to maximize efficiency from the panel and eliminate overcharging and over-discharge risk.

-The app, to monitor energy usage on your smart phone from anywhere. Especially valuable for fleet management.

-The Enervolt SuperCap Graphene battery, with a near 100% charge acceptance rate.

This is a next-to-no maintenance system, with no fire risk (lithium ion batteries are considered such a safety hazard they cannot be air freight shipped, while Enervolt’s batteries can).



Golf Club managers can convert their fleets to gain efficiency, dependability, lower maintenance, and achieve long term cost savings. Tell your club about Enervolt.


Recreational Cart Use

Golf carts are increasingly popular for driving around neighborhoods. By installing the Kit you won’t worry about your children using the golf cart to visit friends and being able to get home without running out of power.


Camping / RV's

Golf carts are popular at many campsite and RV parks but finding a charging station can be a problem. The Enervolt kit literally charges itself.



You can install the Kit on your golf cart or hunting buggy to extend range and ensure that you always get back to camp safely.


What’s Next?

An Enervolt power analyst can help you choose the right Kit to extend the range on your golf cart or buggy.

To develop your plan, learn more about the gear, and create a simple installation plan,

contact Enervolt’s Sales Manager Jeff Jensen at 541-613-7740 or