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How to Install Solar Panels on Your Winnebago

Mar 20,2020 | Will Wilkerson

Good news for RV’ers. Not only has solar has become much more cost effective - because RV'ers are often traveling to sunny locations where solar is most effective - but because it’s easier than it’s ever been to go solar. Yes, prices have come down and technology has improved radically, but going solar is now simpler than ever. In fact, there are just three basic steps: the plan, the gear (panels, charge controller, and batteries), and installation.

Calculating solar for your RV is easy. Light use - 200 watts. Heavy use (more lights, tv, etc.) – 400 watts, while appliances start around 400 and go up to 800 watts. You’ll need from one to four solar panels and decide whether to mount them permanently or store them. If you have a larger RV, are traveling to a place with plenty of sun, or aren't planning to stop for long, then mounting makes the most sense. Otherwise, we recommend portable, lightweight flex panels that do not require any installation at all. Added advantage? You can turn those panels to face the sun for maximum energy gathering and maximize efficiency.

It’s advisable to mount your charge controller in an easy to access storage area. We also recommend replacing your coach batteries with the new graphene batteries, because they are far more efficient. You will reduce your charging time by 90%, double your storage for half the weight and size, plus these new batteries last 10x longer than lithium Ion, and they are roughly the same price.

Enervolt products produce a highly efficient, cost-effective, long lasting solar solution. The revolutionary Nexus Solar Charge Optimizer improves panel performance up to 30% and extends battery life up to four times the normal life cycle. Enervolt’s new graphene super capacitor battery is rated at 99% for charge acceptance, compared to 50% for lead acid and 80% for lithium ion. It charges in 10 minutes, compared to 8 – 12 hours and has a life cycle of 8,000 charges compared to 300 – 2,000 for the others.

To discuss your plan, learn more about the gear, and develop a simple installation plan,

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