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RV solar panels: An effective off-grid solution

Mar 12,2020 | Will Wilkerson

Finally, solar power makes sense for RV’s. In this article, learn why the ENERVOLT RV Kit is the

best solution for your off-grid needs.


What’s in the Enervolt System and why is it better?

There are three standard components in any conventional solar system: the power supply (solar panels), energy storage (batteries), and charge controller (interfacing between the two).


The ENERVOLT system comes with easily installed solar panels pre-wired to ENERVOLT’s Nexus


Charge Controller. The Nexus provides a superior interface that increases solar panel efficiency by up to 30%.


ENERVOLT provides its high-tech battery, which is lighter, cheaper, and has an almost 100% charge acceptance rate which means it charges much faster. Connected to the Nexus Charge Controller means charge status and performance can be monitored through the ENERVOLT app on your smart phone, providing valuable performance information.


The important differences between the ENERVOLT RV Kit and conventional systems:

- more efficient energy gathering and storage

- cost savings through extended battery life

- easy to install

- convenient monitoring of system performance