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Why Do It Yourself Solar is Easier, Cheaper, and Better Than Ever

Nov 04,2020 | Will Wilkerson

Remember when the whole concept of solar power was exotic, components were expensive, installation actually was rocket science, and the end result was so inefficient that it hardly seemed worth it?

Those days are long gone, thanks to decades of innovation and product testing in the market place. Most important, the whole venture has gotten so simple that it’s firmly entered the world DIY’ers.

Budget considerations are always a priority so here’s a liberating thought: start small and scale up. You don’t need to spend a fortune building a solar system that covers 100% of your household needs. In other words, switching to solar isn’t an all or nothing deal. You can stay connected to the grid and supplement with the energy you harvest from the sun, according to the size of the system you can afford to install today.

The key to scalability is making sure to install a micro-inverter rather than a string inverter. What’s the difference? String inverters have a maximum capacity while micro-inverters do not, because each one is designed to service a single photovoltaic panel. Need more power? Install more panels and match them with more inverters.

Both short and long term planning is important before you start buying components. After your initial system has been operational for awhile, you might decide to expand. Here’s a few pointers: if possible, add on with the same panels. And make sure you check the wiring and permitting regulations to ensure that your larger installation is efficient, safe, and legal.

Finally, use the best components. Enervolt can provide significant advantages with two of the four basic elements you’ll need. Panels and inverters are widely available but Enervolt’s Nexus charge controller and super capacitor graphene batteries represent leading edge breakthroughs in efficiency.

Solar today is easy and affordable. You can start small and upgrade by adding on, not replacing, original components. All it takes is some careful planning and forward thinking.

What’s Next?

An Enervolt power analyst can help you get started with a simple plan and some guidance of components.

To develop your plan, learn more about the gear, and create a simple installation plan,

contact Enervolt’s Sales Manager Jeff Jensen at 541-613-7740 or