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Your Off Grid RV Means Total Recreational Freedom

Oct 22,2020 | Will Wilkerson

Off grid rv living is quickly becoming a way of life for Americans weary of toiling in the city and the rat race required to pay mortgages and utilities. Vacationing is one thing but increasing numbers of people are deciding to actually live off grid full time, close to a million people at last count, most of them retirees.

Most RV’s come equipped with a generator but installing solar panels gives you sustainable power without noise and smells. Depending on the sun for power means you aren’t limited with where to go and how long to stay, especially when your solar system is efficient enough to deliver the power you need even on cloudy days.

If you’re shopping for an RV, December and January are the best months to score a deal, with October and November close behind. Find RV options is easy; new and used units are available everywhere. You’ll want to make sure that whatever you purchase is equipped with solar power and enough solar panels to enable you to enjoy dry camping, that is, not needing any hook ups.

If you are considering living off grid in your rv or even just spending considerable time in extended vacations, you’ll want to make sure you have sufficient holding tanks in your unit, a good filtration system for drinking water, enough storage space, and a good air conditioning system. Obviously, your solar powered electrical systems should be adequate for extended periods without a connection to the grid.

Where to camp? Public land is a good option. You can legally camp on any Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land for up to for 14 days, then simply move to another location, theoretically living on BLM land the entire year. But check for state regulations which differ from state to state and may eclipse this national policy. You can also camp in National Forests indefinitely. Again, check for the rules governing each area. You’ll have to find a dumping station at a regular camping facility when you need it.

The primary advantage to this kind of lifestyle is that you will spend more time living than making a living. Increasing numbers of people are working from home now and there’s no reason you can’t work from an rv. All that’s needed is an internet connection.

Living off-grid in an RV is more than a romantic notion or a desperate measure for impoverished retirees. It can be an adventure that introduces you to a remarkable community of interesting characters. Everyone has their story to tell... and plenty of time to tell it around the campfire under the stars.

It’s a lifestyle worth exploring.